Massively Multiplayer Game Development


I became fascinated with multi-player gaming in my ten years at the University of Calgary! I was working my way through school as a research programmer, while taking classes from all across the school's spectrum. . . .  [MORE]

Distributed Parallel Simulation

I got involved in distributed systems work back in the early '80's with Project Jade at the University of Calgary. I ended up building network engines and tools for them, they funded my University bum lifestyle and let me work around my class schedule: a fair trade. . . [MORE]

Large Scale Distributed Simulation

Time Warp and Parallel Simulation

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    20 KB Rich Text Format document
  • Kiran Panesar, Darrin West: "Automatic Incremental State Saving." From the proceedings of the Conference on Parallel and Distributed Simulation, 1996.
  • Darrin West: "Optimising Time Warp." Master's Thesis, University of Calgary, 1988.

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